Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Senior Mississionary Family Home Evening with Marlin K. Jenson Church Historian

Elder Jensen (first picture in dark suit red tie) was in town to do a tour of the mission which he said was a frequent occurrence (maybe every 6 months?) for every mission.

Elder Jensen led us in an activity with three parts to it. Going around the room each person was asked to respond to:

#1. Tell us (in about 75 words) one of your accomplishments.
#2. Give us three adjectives that describe you.
Tell us a principle that is dear to your heart.

We learned more about each other and we were inspired by the depth of spirituality amongst us.

This is an activity they do with the young missionaries too. Not only do they learn about each other, they learn about themselves and their ability to articulate who they are.

When we played the games the answers the children gave were deep and meaningful and inspiring to all of us adults.

This is a great activity for Family Home Evening or any group gathering.

We had great fun. The first picture is of President Holms and his mother. Next is President Holms and his sons. Then sister Holms and her 12 year old daughter who is amazing. Both President and Sister Holms were not able to be at the gathering to get the dinner started. The daughter took over and was as efficient as her mother would have been. We all marveled over her.

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