Monday, November 15, 2010

A Fantastic Weekend

Laura and Brian came to see us. They arrived Saturday afternoon Nov 13 and returned home to Ohio on Sunday around 4:00 pm. When you enlarge the picture by clicking on it is good quality.

On Saturday Evening we drove to see the Detroit Michigan Temple which is next to the Bloomfield Hills Stake Center. Laura and Brian had heard about an organ in that stake that was being refurbished. They went in to see it and learned that just last week it was finished and playable. Wow! Just in time for Brian to play it.

On Sunday they attended Church with us at the Grand River Branch, but they drove their car so we could still make two trips to pick up those who needed transportation and friendship to attend Church and again two trips to take them home after.

Laura and Brian were so nice to accept the invitation to invite the Spirit with a beautiful flute and piano medley of: Amazing Grace/ As Now We Take the Sacrament / How Great Thou Art. The branch is not used to musical numbers. Our Sister investigator Daneta was openly crying because she was touched by the Spirit. When the music was finished we were surprised that everyone clapped, but it was so sweet.

Laura loved attending the branch and so enjoyed Relief Society. The lesson was on the Holy Ghost and it was a beautiful discussion with our Grand River Sisters.

After our meetings we had a Thanksgiving Potluck and it was awesome.

I was taken by surprise when Sister Caldwell brought me this hand crochet afgan. I had met her in her home that week. We were with the Elders when she called them for a blessing. She was mourning the loss of her dear friend. She lives alone and she could not see her way forward with her sad and lonely life and with no income. She was so sad and overwhelmed when we walked in but when we left she was happy. I was admiring her hand work and she was showing us the many things she has made with her stitching. Then today at church she surprised me with a big bag and told me it was for me. I was so touched and deeply grateful for her beautiful red and white gift of warmth and love.


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  1. How sweet that everyone clapped! And that Laura and Brian could share their talents with people who truly appreciate them! I take that sort of thing for granted, even though I look forward to special musical numbers...