Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Great Director's Gift For Us

Flowers of Appreciation for Associate Director Susan and Sister Hoopes.  A great start for the day.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elder Hoopes New Office

For two weeks the office has been under construction.  Elder Hoopes office used to be way down the hall.  I always thought my companion needed to be closer to me and now, finally he is.  The office is still not finished, a new desk has been ordered because this desk is extremely small.  However the best part now is that we can communicate and see each other and it is whole lot nicer.  As you can see on my computer I am catching up the blog.  We have been so busy that taking pictures and keeping up the blog has not been a priority.  But it is important as we think of remembering the awesome wonders of our mission.

All Area Conferences This Spring of 2012

Farmington Hills April 28,  Beginning Job Seekers.  
I show only 30 seconds out of 2.5 minutes of Lucy & Ethel apply for a job at an Employment Agency.  When asked "What kind of a job are you looking for?"  Lucy replies "What kinds of jobs do you have open?"   It goes back and forth like that several times.  Finally the frustrated Agent says, " Now look ladies, I can't hire you unless you tell me what you can do."  Then he starts reading down a list asking them if they can do this, or this, or that and each time they just  look puzzled and shake their heads, no. This 30 seconds confirms what the groups has already learned from a Quiz on what 1,000 employers considered the #1 important thing in an interviewer (even though the other things on the list are also very important).  The clip confirmed that Verbalization of Skills is the foundation for  finding a job.  The clip adds some laughter and fun to the class.
Farmington Hills April 28th Personal Commercial.
AAC Indianapolis IN April 21, Susan teachesNetworking Class - but this is lunch time.
AAC Indianapolis IN Lunch - Dave Foley, behind Elder Hoopes teaches the class for long time Jobs Seekers.
AAC Indianapolis IN  Doug Mallory teaches Working Miracles on - but this is lunch time.
All Area Conference Youngstown OH  Stake Center March 24,our only picture.
Four sisters from Laura's Rootstown Ward were there, but not Laura, she was in Utah.
AAC Toronto Canada April 14 - only picture
AAC Dayton OH  Feb 25  - no picutres but all the same training.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Baptism of Aisha

Wonderful Baptism - The Elder who baptized her received this quilt from his family to give to her.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amazing Gentleman

Brother Markey amazes me.  He is a driver for the Bishop's Store House and comes in to say hello every time.  He  created the words on his jacket to show who he is.  He is a wonderful member missionary and while delivering for the Red Cross one of the volunteers began asking him questions and indicated she was interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Her questions were a result of news articles mentioning Mormons running for government offices.  Brother Markey also has a great history of accomplishments using the skill of "going the extra mile" as I learned from his Power Stories during the Career Workshop. He is even a horticulturalist and has beehives and gave us a gift of a bottle of his delicious honey.  He makes my day every time he comes in.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Wonderful Memories

Wonderful car filling activities.

Ellie sent Flat Stanley, see him up on the sign, so we could give him a tour of Michigan.  It was fun!
Our dear family blessed by Conference

Elder Hoopes setting up for General Conference in the Branch for the first time.
These and more families are those we will be so sad to leave when we return home joyfully to our own loving families.