Thursday, November 10, 2011


At first glance one might not recognize it. It was built back in the days with much help from the members and is called a phase built building.
There are times when one on one training is important and most valuable. We enjoyed it.
One part of the training is about
Feedback is a Gift
How to receive Feedback and how to give Feedback. Feedback is a lifetime experience that can make life difficult or make life better when we understand it.
The "T" in the circle below is about the importance of having a


Precious & children at her baptism in the Livonia Ward, Westland Stake.
Next baptism at the Detroit River Branch also Westland Stake is Mamma Basora with daughter Noel who Elder Hoopes previously baptized.

How wonderful it would be if we could also baptize men who would become Priesthood Holders. Both the Detroit River Branch and Grand River Branch have very few men. Our hope is also that our sisters who are pioneers in the Church will see their children grow in faith and service and build up this area.

Elder Hoopes Helping & Having Fun with Helpers