Thursday, June 30, 2011

Motivational Seminar June 28, 2011

I did not want to spend a whole day at a Seminar. I was sure it would just be too much to bear. In the end I was very grateful we attended and invited members of our branch to attend as well. What I did not realize was just how uplifting and motivating their speeches would be and was especially surprised that they all focused on helping those in the poverty stricken areas of Detroit. All was good except for one commercial that was degrading.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dayton OHIO Career Workshop June 24th & 25th

We left two hours early on Friday to drive to Dayton so to stop at the Air Force Museum just a few miles from the stake center for the workshop. It would have been so fun for our family, now all grown up to hear their Dad/Grandpa talk about all the bits and pieces of the many many airplanes he has helped generate over the years at Boeing, Air Research, Garret, Allied Signal & Honeywell for these beautiful amazing airplanes. It was obvious that Elder Hoopes could not be in Dayton without visiting this museum.
So fun!

Workshops for areas outside of our Detroit Center are on weekends. Friday times are from 6:30 until 10:00 p.m. Saturday is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. It was my first time to do interviews. Imagine me, doing interviews. Very foreign for me but was fun. We record the interviews, and on Saturday review them with the group. #1 the group gives positive feedback, #2 the interviewee is asked what he or she liked about it, #3 the interviewee is asked what he or she thinks should be improved #4 the group is asked for any helpful feedback of what could be improved. This all goes well because the discussion first is that "feedback is a gift". When it is accepted as only one person's reality. Then the interviewed person receiving the feedback writes it all down and uses it as they choose.
The week after the workshop we received word that one attendee that Elder Hoopes stayed and visited with one-on-one after the workshop, was inspired and used the lessons and feedback and was hired.

On our way home from the workshop we were in route to see Anna's family who had driven three days to vacation in Ohio with Laura.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

1. Eagle Project 2. Temple Baptisms

On Monday we picked up a car full of clothing from the RS who was helping to empty an apartment. We were made aware of it by someone in the ERC office. I called and asked if they would set aside the clothing for us for our Grand River Branch members, which they did. We now have a young man who has completed his Eagle Project to collect clothing for the needs of our Branch. This rack is at the back door of our tiny building.

Driving out of the office today the clouds were stunning, dark to bright with brilliant blue sky.

Once we began picking up our passengers to go to the temple, it still took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there because of traffic. It is always wonderful to be in the temple with the youth and our new members.

Brother Hill, our picture taker, is a HC in our Westland Stake. He is a tremendous support coming on Sundays and even to the temple to help us pick up our members. Since Brother Hill was taking the pictures, he couldn't be IN the picture. It was so important that he be IN the picture that we will be giving to everyone. So, I went to work again, cutting and pasting him in. I really love doing this kind of creative work. It was easy because he really is tall as a hill and fit in the back easily.

Elder and Sister Hoopes with Elder Phinny and Elder Kitchen in the back (LR) and
Elder Hunt and Elder Bradshaw in the front.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Office Walk and Job Fair

There were holes in the side walk from years of damage so I decided to fix them. Haha!

The Job Fair was at Lawrence Institute of Technology in Southfield MI

Since we were an hour early we found the workout room and had fun but of course did not over do it.

Previous Job Fairs have had much bigger crowds so maybe the smaller crowd this year is a good sign. There was a still quite a crowd who needed help. The biggest lineup and long wait was for help with resumes. From 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM Doug, Susan and Elder Hoopes never got up once. That entire time they were showing job seekers how to refine their resumes. What a marvelous service was given by them.

My job was to help a student at the U of M with her thesis research on the level of disruption in families caused by under employment or unemployment. We sought out people who were married & willing to fill out the survey. It was fun visiting with so many people. After a couple of hours the only people we could approach were in the line waiting for resumes, so then I went to the resume table and the student took care of her surveys and she ended up getting 30 surveys filled out. She was so happy.

It was enjoyable to meet so many people who were highly skilled and employable but really needed to focus on a resume that would be easy for the employer to read and to see how the job seeker could improve their business. We had some students who were still in school but were already networking, doing internships or part time jobs preparing for the job search after graduation.

There is a lot of emotion about the best way to write a resume. We know there is not just one way. We explain where to put things on the resume to guide the reviewers eyes to what he wants to see first for a good impression. The one thing most people put first on the resume is their objective. We point out that the employer is not really looking for their desires but really needs a SUMMERY OF QUALIFICATIONS first to match his desires. The resume needs to be tailored so the potential employer can quickly SEE (in a few seconds!) what qualifications and skills they have for the particular job they are applying for. They need to show by the accomplishments they list, how they can make or save a company money, solve their problems, take on more responsibility and fit in. Everyone left our table, feeling lifted and helped and so did we, by getting to know and understand their situations and help them. We continually gain greater understanding, compassion and ways to help.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Sabbath Day

Here is our beautiful car today on the way to Church.
Gwen has been suffering from cluster headaches for three weeks. Elder Hoopes gave her a blessing some days ago which touched her heart and comforted her. She was doing so well this morning. She told me that on Saturday she had read 2 Nephi 9:26,27,28 and she was overwhelmed by the message. She was so joyful about how she had felt. Her joy and beautiful spirit was shining in her countenance. At the beginning of RS she began crying and was hit again with her head pain. It was so sad to see her severe suffering so I took her out & found her a ride home. Now on Tuesday she has had two days without pain. She sounded joyful as she had just met with the Elders for a followup lesson. I am grateful and happy for her and for my friendship with her. We love and care so much for all of our friends in the car.

Terrance, Joshua, Eboni
Tiffany, Lamara, Gwen

Our Sister Penny Caldwell passed from life today, diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks ago. Her surprise hand made blanket gift & our pictures will always remind me of her goodness & of our love for her.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Into Michigan Hot Beautiful Summer, NICE

Attended Tiny Town University Graduation with Danita and Luwan. So fun!

Graduates ................................................................................ Teachers

Constantly surrounded by spontaneous/no labor beauty.

Planted tomato plants on our patio.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Danita's mother. Very sweet that she brings her on Sundays. She does not walk or talk well, yet she did tell me she felt so good to be church with us.
Sister Anderson is so valiant. When her poor car quits working she rides her bike to church. The Elders fixed her bike so she would have transportation. She is so faithful and she is our Primary President. She is going through a very painful situation yet when she is hurting by the actions of others she responds in prayer and putting their names on the temple role. She is a great example of love and how the Church has blessed her life.

Elders Kitchen & Bradshaw a little worried about getting into the Palmer Park Chapel. It takes two hours to fill the font. Gratefully the keys came, the font filled, Jaila was baptized. There were several dates set but our sweet sister knows baptism is now what she herself truly desired. Her mother was baptized about a year ago & has been a blessing ...................................................................................................Jaila & President Davies.

The aftermath of Jay's pneumonia is a dry cough. Laura sent a recipe for horseradish & lemon juice cure for the cough. It is great. I am even taking it because it is just plain good nourishing food. But, so powerful we had to us the desk as a table, open the patio door & have the fan blow the effects outside.
By the way, I served our AZ pinto beans & made enchiladas (with awesome Vidalia onions) for the office staff today. It was fun & very good.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Week

It touched my heart to go down the street to where Farmington has the Farmers Market. Around the entire fence were crosses with names of those who gave their lives to save our freedoms. Click picture & you will see more fully the spirit of the day. There was a parade and other events that of course we could not attend. Elder Hoopes has been working hours every day on organizing records from the clerks office.

We did however spend an hour at a Livonia ward picnic that Danita had been invited to attend. In the parking lot we met the stake Patriarch Brother Day. She was so thrilled to meet him & told him she had learned about Patriachal Blessings from Laura when she was visiting from Ohio & was in Relief Society with her. She asked when she could have a blessing. He said best to wait six months after baptism. She counted from December to June & was overjoyed & assured him she would meet with President Davies & she would bring her spiritual Mom & Dad (us) with her to receive her blessing in June. It was a truly joyful time & not a coincidence to have this meeting with him.

I feel strongly that part of our mission that we record on our blog, are things happening at home that affect us & the spirit of our mission.

Later on Memorial Day we received the picture from Sharon visiting Mom and Dad's grave site in Brigham City. This never could have happened had we not moved the graves from Blanding UT to Brigham City, the place my Father purchased & intended to be buried. So grateful for this move because of the connection it helps our children to make with family who has loved & sacrificed for them, embracing from their parents & passing on to each of us the Light of the Restored Gospel & the Priesthood. Now each grandchild has received that gift & will confirm with their own testimonies of the truth, passing it on to bless future generations as we have been blessed, to prepare the world for our Savior's Millennial Reign. Definately not a family tradition, but a continuation of each descendants personal conviction & burning testimony confirmed by the Holy Ghost.
One element of my message in my Sacrament Meeting talk last Sunday was about personal testimony rather than tradition.

Tuesday Sister Bonisi arrived in our mission with ten new Elders. She stayed with us her first night here. We are so grateful to have the means to have this blessing.

Wednesday ten Elders & Sister Corbeg finished their missions to go back to home & families. What joy to hear their testimonies. At the fireside last Thursday I wrote each of their testimonies & shared them in my Sacrament Meeting talk. Each testified of their entire change of life for the good. Sister Corbeg said her mission was hard & discovered that she "is a warrior" in the Lord's Army.
The theme of my talk was gaining & strengthening personal testimony. I shared three new member testimonies from the fireside, then the missionaries testimonies & last I shared a life time member's testimony & how it began & how it grew just like their's, one step at a time. It was my own testimony I used for that example, my first memory of knowing a truth & loving it, the second key learning experience to add to my testimony etc. Encouraged all members to remember their first testimony that brought them to baptism & to remember & hold sacred each key step in the growth of their testimony etc. Full talk is in my journal files.

Sister Corbeg.......

Another joy from home was getting a pocket call from grandson Chandler. Sounded like he was skateboarding with friends. The call confirmed what I already knew about him, that with his friends his conversation is pure, happy & beautiful. I loved listening to them. Hey children, send a pocket call any time so we can hear your joyful voices as you are enjoying good life & preparing for your missions.