Monday, November 1, 2010

Elder Jonathan Hoopes - So Happy In The Work

Bonjour Ma Famille! Let me start out by saying how much I miss you and how much I wish I could be sharing all my experiences with you! Everything here is going pretty freaking awesomely! So because mom asked I'll kinda give a brief description of alot we do as missionaries!

First, it is a bad thing if you are not tired and exhausted at the end of each day. Spencer W. Kimball said that we would be doing a disservice to our missionaries if we asked them to give anything less then their best! So we work hard! but there are days when we don't have tons of lessons so on those days we go contacting! We walk around 8 miles a day and that includes doing pass backs of old houses and talking to people on the street! We never hang out! It is uneffective and doesn't help bring people to the Lord. Even when it's freezing and pouring rain we need to go finding people ready for the gospel. So that is what we do!

Also transfers and how they work! Every 6 weeks is a transfer. That doesn't always mean I am moving but it could. It is the Presidents decision. I get to email once a week from the library. Anyone can email me but I need to only respond to family by email. I dont always have lots of time to write. I get an hour to an hour and a half.

This past week has been incredibly fun. We got to drive through the french countryside which I can honestly say is the most beautiful place I've ever been!

Wednesday I got the package and that made me so so so so so so so so so HAPPY!!!!! I was wanting a letter and a package so bad!

Um Yeah it has been really cold! Close to freezing every morning and it is around 50 during the day time! I bought a scarf which I really love! Ha it looks so cool! And two days ago it rained on us so hard! It went all the way through my suit coat! Ha I was cold.

So about my amis ! First is Fumi; She is from Nigeria speaks english and is so awesome! She is the optimy of a tough women! She is just like a lion I love it! She is so fun! And her english is very good but just smothered in a Nigerian accent! Her faith and work ethic is incredible and we are giving her the baptismal challenge next time we meet!

Second is Justine; She is so happy and funny! I told you about her house fire that forced her to move and also the death of her husband. Well yeah she literaly has nothing. She runs on faith alone and it is so so so Great to see that even in this world where no one believes in the creator, there are still some people who rely solely on faith and Justine is one of them. We plan to set a date soon. Things are going really well.

Our three baptismal dates are good but also struggling. So yeah we are just pushing through. We will nail this stuff down!
Things are really going great here and I am so happy to be out here! I miss you all and pray for your safety and happpiness! Later :) Elder Hoopes

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