Thursday, October 27, 2011


Wednesday night was our Training Webinar for new leaders. Stayed in the office until 10:00PM. This morning our beautiful drive to the office. Classical Music and our drive are joyful. Shortly after arriving the mail came from the Texas Hoopes' with a bunch of little critters and candy to remind us that Halloween is almost here. Dentures came just in time :). We are grateful for our families remembering us and praying for us. We are truly blessed in every way on our mission. Thank you family, all of you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grandson Garret Sheffield On His Mission

We are so grateful and happy to have two grandson's on missions. Looking forward to having two more receive mission calls before we come home. We pray daily, have special Fast days in behalf of our two full time Elders and in behalf of all our young Priesthood holders. who are in the world and born not to be of the world so they too will each be missionaries to bring the fullness and joy of Jesus Christ to those who are seeking truth and light.

Yes, we out of state were there on line to witness the receiving of Garret's call to the Colorado Springs Mission. We have an Elder in our mission whose home is in the Colorado and he said it is a "sweet mission, so many ready to hear the gospel".

October 12, Garret was received into the MTC in Provo, UT. It was a touching and special moment for the whole family.

Garret from Lehi UT and cousin Hermana Sheffield from SLC are in the MTC same time.


Months ago Linda and her sister showed up one day just to check out the Church. Linda has been coming every Sunday since that day. Her sister attended the baptism. We picked them up and were the first ones there at the Palmer Park Chapel. While we waited the three of us sat at the piano and sang the Primary baptism songs. Linda is very happy. Her sister was so responsive and happy about singing, desiring to have a spiral hymnal and asked for pictures of the baptism. She responded with joy to all that was given in the baptismal talks. Another beautiful evening.

Winter Clothing Distribution by Bloomfield Hills Stake

It feels like winter is coming but all is beautiful as we drive to the Clothing Distribution.

It was a sweet experience to give to those in need and to have the building filled with wonderful spiritual music. Many Elders and Sisters were there to help as well. Clothing is supplied by Church Humanitarian.

The Employment office was again asked to be there to help anyone desiring job search assistance. We were given a tiny corner of the cultural hall and it was great. We had people asking if we could get them a job but we did not have a large crowd asking for help. Yet we did have some nice conversations helping some people who were interested in improving their ability to articulate their accomplishments and skills and present their potential value to an employer. We also had an Elder who is going home in six months, very interested in what we offer. He will be in the class Elder Hoopes gives to those finishing their missions.

Yes we had fun with some of the clothing especially hats.

When distribution day was done, Salvation Army truck came to pick up. The agreement between the Church and Salvation Army here in Detroit is that with this supply, they agree to do as Deseret Industries does and give job opportunities for those in the Church needing job experience and accept Bishop's orders as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another ES and Job-Seeker Conference in Farmington Hills MI

Another successfull long day training Employment Specialists and presenting skills and Action Steps for job-seekers to take home and work on. Some groups were bigger depending on the number in attendance for each stake.

From Grandriver Branch two of our wonderful sisters attended.

Susan presents resumes. Dave presents interviewing. Doug is somewhere Net Working.

Sister Hoopes Personal Commercials and Power Stories. Elder Hoopes

It is difficult that employers can't find people to hire and job-seekers have such a hard time finding a job. Many will sign up on but not fill in their profile which means no one can see what skills and job history they have. This is discouraging to employers who will agree to search and then find no one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our Elder Phinny and Elder Smith are going home today. They were staying in the apartment across from us. Being so close they were able to come up and visit with us at 8:30 for an hour. We loved the visit and will keep in touch with them. Elder Phinny has been in our same Detroit area for six months. We will be meeting him in Utah when we are there visiting family. We had fun playing the piano together, he played chords while I played the prelude at the baptism. He gave me a cardboard keyboard and a metal plate keyboard. He is also the one who made me a birthday cake.
Elder Smith's connection to us is through his mother who is a Hoopes. His mother grew up in the town I was growing up in as a young girl, Billings Montana.

Two other Elders going home. This group of four Elders were in the class Elder Hoopes taught on Monday. From our apartment upstairs foyer we enjoy seeing the Elders across from us.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sister Hoopes, Sister Hoopes, Sister Holms and Sister Holms

Two new sisters arrived at our apartment Monday evening. We know that Sister Hoopes is related to us. It is so fun to have these connections on our mission. And so fun for the mission Pres and Sister Holms to have a new Sister Holms missionary. Reminds me of Spencer who while on his mission had a new mission president Keith Hoopes.

Tuesday morning we met for breakfast at the Mission Home with all the new missionaries and the one departing senior couple Brother and Sister Hunsaker. Elder Hoopes was picking up Elder Phinny who goes home on Tuesday. The rest of the morning he instructed all the Elders who are returning home with insight on moving forward when they get home using the Career Workshop material that would apply to them. He had them sing "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go Dear Lord" to impress upon them that they are finishing this mission but now have another mission ahead of them.

Elder and Sister Hunsaker brought me to the ERC office and then went back to take the class with Elder Hoopes and the young Elders. They loved the class and contributed. This class is vital to our Elders and Sisters returning home so they don't go home wondering what to do next.

The Mighty General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We loved every minute of our 10 hour conference weekend. Pictures taken before it started.

Sunday after the first session was a baptism. Danita and Carmena our two new members are so happy for the sister being baptized.

After the baptism the members provided a traditional pot luck for the missionaries. Missionaries are served first and then all other are given what is left over. There was plenty for all who were in attendance.

President Holms is laughing with Danita. She is so special. Danita is a diligent member missionary bringing her friend who was thrilled with conference.
We love these Elders. Several jumped back into our car for a ride to take me home and then return for Priesthood Meeting. An amazingly beautiful weekend.