Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diligent Faith and Spirit Filled Elders in the Cold of Winter

Met Elders Hanson and Greenwood while they were tracting. After they locked their bikes to the sign we went together to visit Sister Tanner. She prepares a meal and feeds the Elders every week, and us too when we go with them. She is personally awesome and the best cook ever.

The diligence of the Elders is so inspiring to see them in the depth of night knocking on doors and returning to their apartment by 9:30 just in time to honor the mission rules of when to be in their apartment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Torries Baptism - January 15, 2011

Elders Seymore (L to R-from Gilbert AZ & Elder Bradshaw from UT) met & taught Torries on Christmas day & baptized him Jan 15, 2011. After his baptism in the font, he was so touched by the Spirit that he broke down crying & fell upon the shoulders of Elder Seymore. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and have also had the joy of playing the piano for our baptisms, not knowing that much about piano, but can get through most hymns.

The next day on Sunday we were all going to Sister Caldwell's, where she had prepared dinner for us. On the way, Elder Bradshaw said we had to stop & search the trash because he had been looking for several days for his missionary handbook (which also had all of his very important security information) When we stopped to look in the trash, Torries basically dived in with both arms, forward & downward into the dumpster & found the book! We were one noisy bunch at that moment, just shouting for joy for the answer to prayer & that our dear Torries was the one to find it. So fun!
Torries baptism & Torries finds the lost book - what joy

Elder Bradshaw so relieved! Dinner so great! Sister Caldwell so sweet!
One week after Torries was baptized, he was wondering if he had made the right decision because he could see how hard it was for him to change his life. Because I am catching up on recording events, it is now May 21, even though the post date for this article is Jan 15th. This is important because over this time he has become confident. Every time we see Torries it is clear that he is growing, glowing and happy.

Our car is often filled to the brim giving people rides to church, activities, and Book of Mormon study. Danita noticed and pointed out to us that everyone that has been baptized in the branch since we arrived, had ridden in our car! I hadn't thought about it, but it was sweet to think about the part we have played and the role we have performed for the Lord to do his work.

Before Danita was baptized, she also rode in our car. She usually has a car, but when we first met her she didn't, so we were giving her rides too. She said it was important for her to be with us and then to be baptized. We are so close to Danita and love her dearly.

Many empty devastated homes in the area. Elders taking bikes in to upstairs apartment.