Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Wonderful Detroit Mission

Elder and Sister Hoopes are having wonderful experiences on our mission. We are so grateful to be involved in our branch and with the Elders and Sisters, investigators and less actives. We have felt the sadness in the lives of those who have found interest in hearing the Lord's servants. Being in their homes and listening to their situations, their abuses, addictions and recovery , and their joy in the messages the missionaries bring is a joy for us as we see their hope and their understanding increase.

In the inner city, buses are not reliable, many have no transportation. Last Sunday we gave rides to four and brought them to Church. It was testimony meeting. One sister we have been bringing stood up and expressed her desire to be baptized. Because she also mentioned her sad situation, many others stood to encourage her and strengthen her for her desire. Interesting that two sisters that stood to bear their testimonies were also investigators. One sister was actually contacted for the first time just the day before. We have started attending the scripture reading on Wednesday evenings, bringing the sisters we take on Sunday. We are truly blessed in these experiences of gospel study with those who are seeking more light and truth in the scriptures.

We are grateful that our service in the Employment office can be balanced with service in the inner city.

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