Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here is our precious Sister in heels and a suit, riding her bike to the CWS. The two sister who organize this Detroit event have red and green flags so that when something is negative the red flags are waved. Something good and positive brings up the green flags and makes it real fun.

Everyone was surprised with a mock interview. After our biker Sister had her interview she came with head down and was sure she had done terrible.

After the interviews we watched each one to give positive feedback for all that was good. The interviewee is asked what he or she liked about their interview. Then the interviewee is asked what they didn't like about how they handled their interview. The last element is to ask the group if they have any helpful feed back for that person, having taught earlier that it takes courage to give feedback and that feedback is a gift.

We teach that we must take feedback as the reality of the person and see if anything can be learned from it. Then to consider first the impact of the impression we make rather than thinking first about our intention and so to consider it helpful, write it down and to say thank you for their feedback.

When it came time for our Sister to watch her interview she hid her face, fearful of watching herself. She gave me permission to share this with everyone.

The joy of it all was when the viewing of her interview was over, everyone energetically raised and waved their GREEN flags. She truly was awesome! Anyone proactive enough to ride a bike to the bus, lock it up to a sign, leave it to get where she needs to go, and to do all this to come to the CWS you know she has targeted goals and enthusiasm. She is our Primary President. And though her life is very sad, she is a go forward person and a great example to our members. She now has greater confidence in herself having learned many more things from the workshop.

We are grateful to be helping in this great welfare need and for the love, compassion and understanding that it brings into our spiritual lives.

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