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Preparing for a multitude of things we spent another full Saturday in the office. While working, Family Services was waiting for adoptive parents to come for their newborn 3 day old baby. To keep the baby happy I was asked to help. There is Great Joy in all that we are asked to do.
That day we also had a baptism for Brother Mathews, the tall man. It is easy to understand that his wife's parents from Oregon would be there. Elder Bradshaw who was going home from his mission was able to touch his heart with his teaching from the Spirit. It was the Mathew's truck that was stolen and the missionaries found it. This was all part of the culminating conditions that brought him to baptism. Elder Bradshaw returned home and missed Mathew's baptism. He could only send his love and best wishes. It was a joyful day.

Sunday afternoons at 5:00 we have been holding Sabbath Day Discussions on Self Reliance and Employment using many scriptures to inspire the development of skills and work.

There are only a few at a time who come. We would stay and do it for even one. We stay at the building after Church, after giving rides home. Elder Hoopes works non stop in the clerks office while I take a nap on the chairs. About 4:15 we start picking participants up to bring them to the discussion.

Amazingly our newly baptized 12 year old came with her 18 year old sister. She was a great participator and was able to immediately come up with her own power story after being taught about Personal Commercials and Power Stories. I thought about our own grandchildren and how they would all benefit throughout their school years by learning the skills from these classes. If any of you are youth leaders, the Employment Specialists could teach and apply these lessons to the youth, especially those going off to college and especially those who have finished their missions. Elder Hoopes does teach those in our mission who are returning home. Personal commercials, Power Statements & Networking during college years will benefit them immensely.

What I would like our children and grandchildren to do is to use Power Statements as a preface to any situation that must be resolved or activity they need to accomplish.
This is called a C.A.R.: a Condition, Action and Result.
The Power Statements written down, kept and memorized
are a great summary of things accomplished.

The approach in teaching the C.A.R. Power Statements is for us to look back in our life's past experiences from which we will find examples to give proof of our skills . However Susan and I at the office talked about how marvelous it would have been to know about and use C.A.R. in all of our activities growing up as children and as a focus serving the Lord in our callings when 'Planning With A Purpose'. Two things would be accomplished: 1. target goal setting and 2. power statements created by going forward rather than having to dig and dig into our past to find them.

We encourage our grand children to plan a goal every evening for the next day, (even if several days of Actions are required to accomplish a Result). At the end of the day, evaluate the goal with Mom and Dad by saying, "I can..." "I have..." "I am...." . State your skill for the day, give an example of it and give the impressive Result. This will be your power statement for the day. This daily goal setting will help during teen years and adult years when so much of worldly ways try to distract from spiritual ways of keeping our eye on the Lord and His Atonement.

To do this, teach the children to start with the end in mind. Visualize and first write down the Results expected (the Priesthood Purpose). Select the Condition with statements that describe the situation. Then layout the Action steps to achieve the Results. These can be used to accomplish all tasks throughout life and will in the end 1. document proof of skills developed,
2. build confidence and 3. help with power statements when times come to interview for employment. To know more about creating these statements just go to the Site Map on .

The C.A.R. applies to all levels of jobseeker's experience. We give an example of a man with a 6 digit income who practices his statements daily. He selected 9 skills he possessed and memorized 3 Power Statements for each skill that provided proof for each skill. He practiced some of his 27 power statements daily. To impress the importance of having them memorized is using the example of a concert pianist who plays a piece 70 times perfectly before the concert, so in our case, before the interview.

A suggestion to anyone (employed, under employed or desiring to help others with employment needs) who wants to learn more about these things and how the Church offers to help us, just go to the Site Map on If you are a job seeker, sign in and please fill out your profile to 90%. Adding six power stories will increase the % and will also make it visible to specialists and employers (IF you check the box to allow them to see you). We even encourage employed people to take the Career Workshops so they can help others. One man takes the workshop every year to just to stay alert and maintain his employment. Good idea.

Do we love our Employment Mission. Absolutely!

This class was in the foyer of our building,

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  1. I may be slow to look at these but I sure love seeing what you do and the impact you have on others. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
    I love you.