Wednesday, August 10, 2011


All the activity around the Bishop's Storehouse is thrilling. The geese are always fascinating and their personalities are so obvious. We see them communicate and hear them on the roof. Squirrels and little birds are always interacting too. There is always a show going on with all the unique creatures in the city.

And it is always exciting to have Danita and Murphy drive in to clean the storehouse trucks. Danita realized at one time all the people who ride in our car get baptized. Danita our new member since December has the Elders teaching all those who work in her car wash. Many have joined the Church as did Murphy. She is the ultimate example of a new member. Her first calling was Welfare Specialist. She is now an inspiring Relief Society teacher

Our regular meetings and dinners with Mission President Holms and his family and our wonderful Senior Missionaries.

Baptism of dear 12 year old Noel sister to Carmen who was just also recently baptsized.We enjoyed taking pictures. Then Elder Hoopes put the camera in his pocket and H - oopes it went into the font.

Every six weeks there are missionaries finishing their missions who stay their last night with us. Another of the special events and beauties of our mission.

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