Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Week

It touched my heart to go down the street to where Farmington has the Farmers Market. Around the entire fence were crosses with names of those who gave their lives to save our freedoms. Click picture & you will see more fully the spirit of the day. There was a parade and other events that of course we could not attend. Elder Hoopes has been working hours every day on organizing records from the clerks office.

We did however spend an hour at a Livonia ward picnic that Danita had been invited to attend. In the parking lot we met the stake Patriarch Brother Day. She was so thrilled to meet him & told him she had learned about Patriachal Blessings from Laura when she was visiting from Ohio & was in Relief Society with her. She asked when she could have a blessing. He said best to wait six months after baptism. She counted from December to June & was overjoyed & assured him she would meet with President Davies & she would bring her spiritual Mom & Dad (us) with her to receive her blessing in June. It was a truly joyful time & not a coincidence to have this meeting with him.

I feel strongly that part of our mission that we record on our blog, are things happening at home that affect us & the spirit of our mission.

Later on Memorial Day we received the picture from Sharon visiting Mom and Dad's grave site in Brigham City. This never could have happened had we not moved the graves from Blanding UT to Brigham City, the place my Father purchased & intended to be buried. So grateful for this move because of the connection it helps our children to make with family who has loved & sacrificed for them, embracing from their parents & passing on to each of us the Light of the Restored Gospel & the Priesthood. Now each grandchild has received that gift & will confirm with their own testimonies of the truth, passing it on to bless future generations as we have been blessed, to prepare the world for our Savior's Millennial Reign. Definately not a family tradition, but a continuation of each descendants personal conviction & burning testimony confirmed by the Holy Ghost.
One element of my message in my Sacrament Meeting talk last Sunday was about personal testimony rather than tradition.

Tuesday Sister Bonisi arrived in our mission with ten new Elders. She stayed with us her first night here. We are so grateful to have the means to have this blessing.

Wednesday ten Elders & Sister Corbeg finished their missions to go back to home & families. What joy to hear their testimonies. At the fireside last Thursday I wrote each of their testimonies & shared them in my Sacrament Meeting talk. Each testified of their entire change of life for the good. Sister Corbeg said her mission was hard & discovered that she "is a warrior" in the Lord's Army.
The theme of my talk was gaining & strengthening personal testimony. I shared three new member testimonies from the fireside, then the missionaries testimonies & last I shared a life time member's testimony & how it began & how it grew just like their's, one step at a time. It was my own testimony I used for that example, my first memory of knowing a truth & loving it, the second key learning experience to add to my testimony etc. Encouraged all members to remember their first testimony that brought them to baptism & to remember & hold sacred each key step in the growth of their testimony etc. Full talk is in my journal files.

Sister Corbeg.......

Another joy from home was getting a pocket call from grandson Chandler. Sounded like he was skateboarding with friends. The call confirmed what I already knew about him, that with his friends his conversation is pure, happy & beautiful. I loved listening to them. Hey children, send a pocket call any time so we can hear your joyful voices as you are enjoying good life & preparing for your missions.

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  1. I haven't taken the time to check in on your blog for awhile and it sure was fun catching up today. Sounds like all is well. I'm glad to see it.
    We join the forces of senior missionaries again in two weeks. It's a little crazy, but reading your blog makes me feel excited to be a part of the great things of missionary life again.
    Take care.