Thursday, June 16, 2011

1. Eagle Project 2. Temple Baptisms

On Monday we picked up a car full of clothing from the RS who was helping to empty an apartment. We were made aware of it by someone in the ERC office. I called and asked if they would set aside the clothing for us for our Grand River Branch members, which they did. We now have a young man who has completed his Eagle Project to collect clothing for the needs of our Branch. This rack is at the back door of our tiny building.

Driving out of the office today the clouds were stunning, dark to bright with brilliant blue sky.

Once we began picking up our passengers to go to the temple, it still took us an hour and 20 minutes to get there because of traffic. It is always wonderful to be in the temple with the youth and our new members.

Brother Hill, our picture taker, is a HC in our Westland Stake. He is a tremendous support coming on Sundays and even to the temple to help us pick up our members. Since Brother Hill was taking the pictures, he couldn't be IN the picture. It was so important that he be IN the picture that we will be giving to everyone. So, I went to work again, cutting and pasting him in. I really love doing this kind of creative work. It was easy because he really is tall as a hill and fit in the back easily.

Elder and Sister Hoopes with Elder Phinny and Elder Kitchen in the back (LR) and
Elder Hunt and Elder Bradshaw in the front.


  1. I haven't looked at your blog for awhile. It was fun to see all the things that you're doing. What a diverse array of activities. You're sure making a difference. I guess that's what we all want to accomplish as we serve missions. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me that, although we're half way around the world, we're still working for the same things as we try to bring souls to Christ and improve their lives.

  2. I sure enjoy your blog as well.