Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Ward

We attend the same ward as our MIssion President, Brother and Sister Holms (when they are not off visiting somewhere else). He will assign us to another ward soon, but for now we are enjoying where we are.
Church today was very special. #1 The Sacrament #2 the uplift of the speakers. Bishop was out of town. There was one assigned speaker plus five people who asked to come up and speak briefly ahead of time and then two more were asked from the pulpit. Each one bore a beautiful and powerful testimony. The YWs president spoke and told about an experience she had sometime back. She said she listened to a very convincing preacher preach against Temples. Then through prayer and seeking to know the truth, she took the YM/YW to the Temple and had a powerful witness of the purpose and need for Temples.
Another leader who is a Seminary Teacher said her favorite friends are the youth. She has had her testimony since she was a youth when her father riled against the Church every time he drove her to Seminary. Because of the sweet spirit of her mother, the Lord's Spirit, and her own desire to know the truth, she grew up with a strong and mighty testimony of her very own. She loves that the youth can have a spiritual foundation every day before going out into the world of school and hardship.
Sunday School and our combined Priesthood Relief Society Mtgs were just as uplifting as we met together together for worship and learning.

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