Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Arrival

When we FINALLY arrived at the Detroit Employment Center, we were greeted with a wonderful surprise! The whole center was decorated with flowers and signs welcoming us on our mission. We had so much fun on our first day!

Jumping Through Hoopes

This sign read: "We had to jump through hoopes to get you here." :)
and there were more signs....

Signs Everywhere

So Much Fun On Our First Day

Director Doug Mallory & Associate Manager Susan Shafkalis

The wonderfully talented and compassionate people we are blessed to work with in the Detroit Employment Resource Center. Director Doug Mallory & Associate Manager Susan Shafkalis

We believe we are in a fantastic area where our director has magnificent vision on how we in the Church must serve those in need. He presses for personal action beyond the study of principles and theory. We are quick to help those who suffer from a death in the family. We were reminded that the personal impact of the loss of a job is next only to the loss of a loved one. We must respond likewise to those who have no job. It is clear we need to respond to those with employment needs with the same compassion and actions that we would give to those who suffer loss of a loved one. The Employment Resources can help us all to know the skills needed to help those with employment needs.


  1. YEA for you! We are excited about all you'll be doing. Keep smiling and posting news - please!

  2. Hurrah for Zion, Hurrah for you!