Friday, August 13, 2010

Settling In

In our first days in Michigan, we are settling in just great. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered our apartment was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath (larger than we thought!). We also found this great farmers market just blocks from where we live.

Our Own Farmer's Market  -  just a few blocks from our apartment

The employment center is great. We feel like we already belong, with desk plates and all.



Here is my window view from my Employment Center desk. I would just love to enjoy all of this with our grandchildren. They would love watching these silly geese strut around. There are five times this many geese on the lawn, but I only captured a few in the picture.

Outside My Employment Center Window

Scenes like this intensify our gratitude for being sent here to Michigan. The creation and beauty of the world surrounds us here. Today we begin our second day of service in the Employment Center and are excited for today's agenda.

The Creation and Beauty of the World Surrounds Us


  1. It's so fun to see where you are. I can see how they would be thrilled to have you come with your experience and skills. Glad that you're settling in.

  2. "Director of First Impressions"! That is you to a T!