Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This was a very sweet experience.  I was in Best Buy & this gentleman reached over the table to give me a bouquet of flowers, which I received.  His daughters were laughing because he had really bought them for his daughter.  But I believe they knew their father well enough & would expect him to do something like that. He told me he was 83 & his wife had died.
He looked at my name badge & told me he knew about the Book of Mormon & had seen the Detroit Temple.  At a point I said, "I can see that you are a Christian".  Then he said, "I am a Jew."  Then we had a wonderful discussion about how I loved the Jews, & in fact all people, & that the day would come when he would know that Jesus Christ who came in the Meridian of time is our Savior.  Every doctrine I told him about the Church, he would open is eyes wide & agree, or say that it made sense.  I explained what the temple is about & talked about his wife & the blessings that are there for them.  It was a very special conversation & the young clerk that was helping me, and his daughters were learning also.  I am happy when I can be even just one more contact amongst several contacts that one may have in learning about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days.
He was a spiritual & happy man & I got the impression he was looking for a lady friend because at this point he asked if he could put his arm around me while his daughters took the picture. He agreed that I could give the flowers back to his daughter and he happily took the card I gave him.

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