Saturday, December 17, 2011

Office Duties, Thanksgiving, Stake Conf, Grandriver Branch

Office Duties. Stake Conference met Camille's sister, Rachelle Beers family again. Rachelle spoke in Conference. So wonderful and fun.

On Thanksgiving weekend with Laura and Brian we visited a grave yard in Garden City OH, met the caretaker of the Quaker church building and took pictures of those buried in the cemetery. Did not find Elisha Hoopes so we will keep searching over time. Driving home we found "Hoopes Road". We again drove past the Jonathan Hoopes property.

We definitely enjoy our branch meeting. Ray on the far left is being baptized Christmas Eve. We will be there. Ray said he has known about the Church since he was seven years old and over the years has wanted to know more. The sister on the left in the second picture is a new member. It is obvious how happy she is.
There is often food at the branch people can take home so you see cabbage and yellow peppers in hand. Our young sisters are a joy and are also recently baptized. We love them like grand children. And the little guy in front is so fun and runs around and wants to be a friend in every picture. His father was recently baptized.

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