Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sister Hoopes, Sister Hoopes, Sister Holms and Sister Holms

Two new sisters arrived at our apartment Monday evening. We know that Sister Hoopes is related to us. It is so fun to have these connections on our mission. And so fun for the mission Pres and Sister Holms to have a new Sister Holms missionary. Reminds me of Spencer who while on his mission had a new mission president Keith Hoopes.

Tuesday morning we met for breakfast at the Mission Home with all the new missionaries and the one departing senior couple Brother and Sister Hunsaker. Elder Hoopes was picking up Elder Phinny who goes home on Tuesday. The rest of the morning he instructed all the Elders who are returning home with insight on moving forward when they get home using the Career Workshop material that would apply to them. He had them sing "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go Dear Lord" to impress upon them that they are finishing this mission but now have another mission ahead of them.

Elder and Sister Hunsaker brought me to the ERC office and then went back to take the class with Elder Hoopes and the young Elders. They loved the class and contributed. This class is vital to our Elders and Sisters returning home so they don't go home wondering what to do next.

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