Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Our Elder Phinny and Elder Smith are going home today. They were staying in the apartment across from us. Being so close they were able to come up and visit with us at 8:30 for an hour. We loved the visit and will keep in touch with them. Elder Phinny has been in our same Detroit area for six months. We will be meeting him in Utah when we are there visiting family. We had fun playing the piano together, he played chords while I played the prelude at the baptism. He gave me a cardboard keyboard and a metal plate keyboard. He is also the one who made me a birthday cake.
Elder Smith's connection to us is through his mother who is a Hoopes. His mother grew up in the town I was growing up in as a young girl, Billings Montana.

Two other Elders going home. This group of four Elders were in the class Elder Hoopes taught on Monday. From our apartment upstairs foyer we enjoy seeing the Elders across from us.

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