Sunday, May 22, 2011

Experiences This Week

Book of Mormon Study Group -

Saturday apartment inspections-
This is a pretty common occurrence, fixing bikes! Elders Hansen and Bradshaw on exchanges.

A (not) Coincidence -
Sister Ebony in red baptized one month ago. We pick her up often, along with others who are frequent 'riders' in our car. You can really see how she has the image of Christ in her countenance. Sister Ebony's friend Dian (next to her in green) had not seen her for years. When Dian saw her friend Ebony, she said "you've changed, you glow & you seem so happy". She told her she had been looking for a church so Ebony invited her to come. We picked her up to come to Book of Mormon Class & then again for Church today. Dian was thrilled by the spirit of our meetings today, and what a surprise when she gave me a grocery bag and said, "this is for you". Oh! A shirt for me? How sweet that she would want to do that for me.

We met & picked up Andrea this morning, the sister in black. She is beautiful & was so thrilled throughout our meetings. She has been aware & watching the Elders on their bikes for eight years. Just this week she called to them on the street & asked them to come talk to her. What a joyful story, joyful sister, and a beautiful spirit.

Sister Almon, in blue on the right, is also an amazing sister. She just finished her BA pre-law summa cum-laude. She has been a member of the church for a long time. When we first started visiting her, her home kept being broken into and the house just next door had been burned out but still standing. We are happy to see that all is well now.

Thank you to Diane for her sweet surprise gift. Spring Iris at the door - roses from Elder Hoopes

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