Monday, December 13, 2010

Elder Jonathan Hoopes / Doing Well in Cherbourg, France

We are thrilled to have Jonathan on a mission with us though he is across the world from us. Elder Jonathan Hoopes' experiences are so much a part of what we experience too. Our desire is to serve all the while our other grandsons are serving their missions.

Missions are hard work and worth it, for they prepare our young Elders and Sisters for the rest of their lives. At our age they are a matter of keeping us on the path, Enduring to the End in Righteousness.

We are grateful for our grandsons who hold the priesthood and are worthily and preparing for their missions as they have been directed by our prophets. If our granddaughters serve missions they too will be mightily blessed.

Fun Story about the snowman. We are inspired by this to do the same.
"Fun story! We went out contacting and were having no success. No one wanted to talk! It was -5 celcius and snowing with Cherourg wind! It was nuts to say the least. So we decided to build a 9 foot snowman!!!! It was so epic! People began to stop and admire the snowman. They'd say what are you doin here in Cherbourg and We'd tell them we were missionaries and then we'd start talking about the gospel! Voila! Ha it was fun and more successful than the contacting."

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