Friday, December 10, 2010

Danita's Baptism December 4th 2010

We had a truly spiritual baptismal experience with our sister Danita. Her family was there and her brother-in-law/former minister was there. He was very gracious.

She was baptized in the Dearborn chapel where she previously attended and was taught by (LR) Elders Charles and Smith. There were many from her previous ward to support her. Elder Smith's mother by the way is a Hoopes. We need to figure out our genealogical relationship.

In the second picture on the back right is our son Jonathan waiting as friends gather. In the front row is Gwen who was baptized the week before and two investigators.
Elder Erichson on the left from the Grandriver Branch baptized Denita.
Danita bore her testimony which was very uplifting and showed how spiritually sensitive she is. For example she began fasting the day before so, as she explained, she would be completely cleansed by her baptism. Another beautiful example of her preparedness was that she wore no jewelry and only flesh colored polish on her nails. Danita is beautiful in every way.

The three Danita's, daughter and granddaughter .............. Her dear family support.

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  1. What a beautiful sister. So thankful Jonathan could be there and visit you on your mission.