Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wonderful Sabbath Days

About a month ago we attend Stake Conference in the Bloomfield Hills Stake and met our sweet daughter-in-law Camille's brother, Gary Safsten, and his children Abigail and two sons. It was his son Alex we met at the MTC who is now serving in Mesa AZ.
Now just today I met Camille's sister Rachelle Beer at the Grand River Branch while she and Sister Snow the Stake RS Presidency were visiting the branch. I saw her smile and saw Camille. It was wonderful and fun. Rachelle is in the middle of our picture.

This evening the missionaries invited us to a teaching appointment and we loved it! Elder Erichson is the taller from Sandy UT and Elder Rushton from Pleasant Grove UT. They both spoke in Church today and gave amazing talks. Elder Rushton who has only been here for five weeks, spoke of keeping our baptism covenants. Elder Erichson spoke of the good guilt which brings one to repentance and the guilt from the advisary which causes one to feel hopeless and unworthy for baptism. Both gave excellent and spiritual messages. These two Elders were also in the picture at the Palmer Park Ward on the day of Conference. We are grateful to serve with and learn from these young Elders.

The picture with me & the Elders (click on the picture & you will see) shows pictures of Christ on their bikes. They do that to thwart any who would want to steal their bikes, and I am sure also to draw one's heart to Jesus Christ. They also keep their car clean and keep pictures of Christ on the dash board for the same reasons. When the car does not have things piled up it is not so inticing to break in to.

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