Sunday, October 17, 2010

Farmington Hills Community Service Event

In the Bloomfield Hills Stake, Farmington Hills Ward, we have a wonder outreaching bishop, Bishop Geiger. The first week we arrived here, a grocery clerk told us of an LDS man (we learned it was Bishop Geiger) who put together some genealogy of the early settlers for the Farmington Downtown Founders Celebration. Now this week we participated in another of his outreach programs. He made arrangements with SLC Welfare Square to deliver 6 tons of clothing and quilts to Farmington. His stake distributed about one fourth of this supply to the greater Detroit area to those in need. Anyone could come. The Church Building was open for two full days on Friday and Saturday.

The Stake President also made a partnership with Salvation Army (because there are no Deseret Industries here in Detroit) to take the other part of the load of clothing that came from SLC. In doing so an agreement was made that Latter-Day-Saints with a bishop's order could use it at the Salvation Army store. They could also be hired on the bases that Deseret Indrustries hires those who need the experience. The Sisters in the picture shows Sister Vance the granddaughter and gr granddaughter of Marion and Leonard Vance from Tempe Stake.

For the two day event there was also an agreement with the town of Farmington that this would not be a proselyting event. There were a few others in the community who came and set up their own area to show how they could serve the people. It was a wonderful time to meet others in the community.

Throughout the building were displays such as, Church literature, Temperal Preparedness and Employment Services. Wonderful experiences were had in each of these areas. When questions were asked, we informed visitors about the Church and even Church Doctrine when they had an interest. We saw many taking Church literature out the door with them.

We visited in the Employment room with many people in need of help. We visited with a beautiful sister from Yugoslavia, with two children and a handicapped husband who can not contribute to the family income. She is desperate to provide for her two young children but was very clear she would not sacrifice the children for work. She is determined to teach her children well and support them. Elder Hoopes bore his testimony that God would help her as she prayed about her needs. He promised her that God would bring to her mind things that would help her with her family and her work as she would pray daily. I suggested she look at some of the literature that would help her guide her children throughout this life. She was so receptive and took all the literature and specifically wanted a Bible and a Book of Mormon.

This was a wonderful interactive two days for us.

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