Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Letter from Home

Dear Grandpa and Grandma Hoopes,
since i turned 8 i have been going to cub scouts. i love it. i went to cub day camp. it waa so much fun. i made a bird house and a catipult. the catipult works real good. i also earned 2 belt loops. summer was short but fun. as you know we spent a while in arizona and utah. i had my birthday at our cousins and got some good presents.

last saturday i got baptized.

when i went into the font the water was hot. it felt good. i wanted to do again becausr it was so cool. i wish my dad would have messed up so i could get dunked again.

sis england made a ctr cake and cookies which were really cool. i still remember the blessing my dad gave after i recieved the holy ghost. he said that i could be a good example to my little brothers.
i also got a new set of scriptures wiith my name on it.

it came with a case and marking pencils. from the pictures my dad sent you can see my new suit. i like it. i can't forget to tell you about yesterdays sacrament meeting. i got to sit next to the bishop after i was introduced to the ward. since the 1st councilor was gone i sat on his right side. i got to operate the pulpit for rthe entire meeting. that was totally awsome.


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  1. We also had a grandson baptized two weeks ago. Not easy to miss these special events, is it? But it's so wonderful to see these special young spirits who know what they're doing and are so prepared.