Monday, September 27, 2010

Branch Relief Society

We have been assigned to attend and serve in a branch in Downtown Detroit, a little distance from where we live. Before we attended for the first time, the mission president's wife told us that, when attending a Fast and Testimony meeting in this branch, it was the MOST spiritual and uplifting meeting she had EVER been a part of. This was exciting to us and we looked forward to our first Sunday at the Grandriver Branch. Here are pictures of our great Relief Society on my first day - and also visiting that day was the wife of a counselor in the Mission Presidency (seen left, back row, middle).


  1. Looks like a small Relief Society. It will give you an opportunity to get to know them all well.
    How great it is that you both will get to build new friendships.
    Love you

  2. Jay and Maria...I LOVE reading about your mission and all the things you are doing. These photos are wonderful! I can't imagine this being the entire RS!! Such excitement from Detroit!
    Thank you for taking time to share this with us all. You two are inspirational.
    :) Love, Ashley