Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Elders have finished their missions and are going home for their next Life Mission.  It is so exciting to teach the steps of self reliance and communication.  It is especially exciting when the Elder said to me, as others have also said, "I wish I had learned this at the beginning of my mission.  Their comments of how hard it was to give feedback confirmed the things we talked about.  Associating the points of feedback with scripture will literally bless their lives abundantly for the rest of their life.  One Elder is returning to go to Eastern AZ College.  We knew him well as he was in our Grand River Branch area.  Elder Kiel at the table just returned from his mission from Washington DC.  We invited him to attend.  On Sunday all of the testimonies also mentioned their love and joy for his service and his return home.  He is the first missionary to serve from the branch.  Each of the testimonies, plus those of his parents and family were so touching.  Every testimony in the branch is unique and so loved and appreciated by us. 

Oh how we love our Elders Dabb, Hoffman and Mortenson and hope to see them again some day.

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