Monday, July 18, 2011

Palmyra Pageant

We had a wonderful weekend with Laura and Brian at the pageant. We met the Preston's there who are previously from the Shalimar Ward in Tempe. They live and teach in China. They wanted to do something valuable for their children so they chose to come and be IN the pageant. We missed seeing Diane and Farrell Smith who came the next day and met the Preston's also. It is so fun to make these connections and even more connections. We sat next to people who are in-laws to Hoopes' in Wyoming. The Church makes the world a small place.

Next morning we went to an early temple session. We then visited Hill Cummorah, the Sacred Grove and downtown Palmyra before heading back to Ohio driving along the shores of Lake Ontario.
In Laura and Brian's ward on Sunday they announced that we were there and available to consult with people on there employment needs. We met with three people and are still consulting via phone and email. It is so nice to enjoy family and still be serving our mission needs in our service area. Yes! All the way to Ohio, and to Western New York, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky, Ontario, Quebec and of course, Michigan.

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