Thursday, February 10, 2011

Young Joseph

Young Joseph, 15 years old has loved the missionary lessons! He is a great joy to know and to watch. He is Sister Caldwell's neighbor and is over at her house most every day asking what he can do to help her. He is the most mature young man. He does not have close friends his age, but enjoys the Elders and other more adult mature people. His answers to gospel questions are amazingly brilliant.

He is mature, like I said, but he is still a fun teenager who likes to run around in the snow, fall down next to the car, and pretending he is hurt. What a hoot! The smile on his face showed us that he just loves having fun! He has moved away since we were meeting with him, and we don't know where. We hope that some day he finds - or - the missionaries find him again.

After these visits with Joseph, Torries and Siter Caldwell, we continue our member teaching with Danita and she feeds us too. Yummy Pie!

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